Have you watched those home television shows about tiny living, tree house living, living off the grid and living off the land? Most people couldn’t imagine not having everyday luxuries they have grown accustomed to. But going off the grid does not always mean you have to be without luxury. In fact, it simply means you are not dependant on cities and municipalities for everyday life. You could still drive to the store when needed, but you don’t depend on city services as much--and don’t pay for them either!


One of the luxuries that many people who love the outdoors would enjoy would be a hot tub. But with the fact that most hot tubs are electric and require electricity to generate hot water, this hasn’t been an option for off the grid living--until the introduction of fire generated hot tubs. Now granted you would not have the jets and bubbles of traditional hot tubs, but you will indeed have a hot tub--with the added perk of that wonderful wood crackling sound and sweet wood-burning smell.


Here is how these fire generated hot tubs work:


First off, you build a fire with your choice of wood inside the metal chamber. The wood you choose will determine how long the fire lasts (slow burning) before needing to add more wood, and how much smoke is emitted during the burning process.


As the fire heats up the metal spring looking part around the metal chamber (the coil heat exchanger), the water inside the coils heats up and begins to move on its own through the coils. The water is pumped through the tubing by means of convection--meaning you don’t need a water pump!


Because a fire generated hot tub is fairly easy to use and maintain, and has an extremely simple set up, it can be tempting to attempt to build your own fire generated hot tub. While that seems like a logical solution, you should leave the welding and engineering of a fire generated hot tub to the professionals as there are a number of things that could go wrong.


Ultimately, a fire generated hot tub is just one of the luxuries you can still have while living off the land and off the grid. With a little bit of investment you can enjoy the warming relaxation of a hot tub wherever you plant your roots.